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Community gardens ACTION

Think community gardens are a great idea? Start your own, join one in area or request funding. Find out how here.

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The Lowdown

Where: Australia Wide

What’s involved?

Want to join a community garden in your area?

Go to for a complete list of community gardens in Australia.

Think community gardens are a great idea?

Write a letter to your state’s minister for housing, and ask them to support community gardening initiatives.

Want to start your own community garden?

Here are some tips:

* First, start a committee. These are they people that will be most involved in the garden project. Remember, the most important part of community garden is community. Don’t go it alone!

* With your committee, decide where your garden will be, and what it will grow.

* Decide on a plot of land, but make sure to speak with the owner before you start gardening.

* Make sure you know what you’re doing! Research how to plant and care for specific plants before you plant them.

* Gain support from your community, including neighbours and your city council if possible.

Why should people do this?

Contact information

American Community Gardening Association, Tips on starting a community garden