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Take action on deforestation

There are many ways to help fight deforestation. Check them out.

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The Lowdown

Where: NSW

What’s involved?

There are many organisations that accept donations towards their work to curb deforestation in Oz. Here are a few, but there are more out there. But careful to verify what the organisation will be doing with your money before making a contribution.

Change it Up!

  • To reduce the need for more logging, start using recycled paper. The easiest way to save a tree is to switch to entirely recycled computer paper.
  • Tell your friends about the importance of using recycled products and the effects that it can have on saving a forest.
  • Write your MP and tell him or her that action is needed now to save the forests not in a few years.
  • Support the campaigns of groups like Greenpeace that are fighting to save the forest.
  • Donate to Greenpeace or Friends of the Earth as these groups are working to fight deforestation around the world.
  • When buying wood, find out where it came from and if the company selling it is economically friendly.
  • Find out which stores in your area sell wood from poor logging sites and petition them to replace these with more environmentally friendly types of timber.
  • Find out where your school or uni gets their wood products and ask them to use only environmentally friendly wood products.
  • Work with organisations to promote ecotourism that would give an incentive for saving the forests (this is happening in Tasmania where tourism is a vital part of the economy).
  • Before buying wood, check the Forest Stewartship Council page to see if your wood is environmentally friendly at
  • Plant a tree. To calculate how many trees you need to plant to counteract your travel habits see
  • Stop junk mail that wastes paper by stopping catalogues that you don’t need to refusing unsolicited mail.
  • Sign up for your bank’s online statements to avoid the paper used in sending monthly statements.

Why should people do this?