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Indigenous Community Volunteers

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Why do we exist ?

Indigenous Community Volunteers (ICV) exists to link skilled volunteers to Indigenous Australian communities by creating effective partnerships between Indigenous peoples on the one hand and government, private corporations and the broader Australian community on the other. In doing so, ICV seeks to assist those communities to become self sustaining and to increase awareness of the issues faced by Indigenous Australian communities.

What do we do ?

ICV is making a difference by providing volunteers who can transfer their skills across many diverse areas to people in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and organisations. ICV matches skilled volunteers with approved short to medium term projects. Communities and organisations choose the most suitable volunteer for their project. ICV fills a gap in services to Indigenous communities many of whom do not have access to business, trade and professional skills that most Australians take for granted.

What opportunities do we have for young people ?

Volunteering with ICV is a great way for University students to apply the skills gained from their studies in a practical manner. Students can opt to volunteer through out their holidays or they may choose to volunteer once they’ve finished studying as a great way to add to their own CV’s. It’s also a great way for young trades people to contribute and deepen their own skills at the same time. ICV gives young people the opportunity to see Australia and experience Indigenous Culture whilst contributing to practical reconciliation.