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Submitted 4/1/2006 By actnow Views 25615 Comments 7 Updated 5/3/2006

Hi everyone

So, this is ActNow. What do you think?

In the past 12 months we have had 50 young people get us to this point. The design, functionality, issues, actions ... everything has been guided by young people like you.

We launch the website in 5 weeks (eeek!). We have brought you on board as a founding member to help us create the ActNow community ready for when we burst into the real virtual world.

Plus, the best thing about you is your fresh eyes. We here in ActNow land all LOVE the website, but love is blind, we can no longer see the things that are wrong, broken, unclear or just plain stupid.

This is the place where you add in your feedback (in the comments section below). This is where you tell us what you like, what is broken and what can be improved.

Your role

Your role as a founding member is to be honest. We promise people that ActNow is a place where young people can find out more about their world, do something about it and tell others. Is our promise worthy?

Your role as a founding member is ...

  • get online for about 2 hours per week

  • join as a member, create a member profile page

  • interact with the site and members. Comment. Rate your 'care factor'

  • tell us what you don't understand

  • tell us what issues we are missing

  • tell us what organsiations we are missing

  • NOT forward the website link to anyone yet. It's part of our marketing strategy to keep it secret till launch (you'll have plenty of opportunity to tell people after we launch)

Being a founding member is a 4 week commitment. Each week there is a small task, the breakdown goes like this ...

Week 1 (April 3) Create your member profile, comment, rate request, tell us what's wrong
Week 2 (April 10) Do an 'action'... something really small and achievable that fits in with your life
Week 3 (April 17) Write an 'action reflection story' (just 1 page) about the thing you did last week. Add up a photo gallery to match it.
Week 4: (April 24) Tell us your marketing ideas. How can we promote ActNow?

At the beginning of each week we will email or call you to see how you are going and do some of that human communication thing to complement the online comments you give us.

We promise this wont take more than 2 hours per week. Everyone is busy, we don't want this commitment to be a pain.

and at the end ...

At the end of the month you are free to leave. We'll send you a certificate to say you played the important founding member role (if you want one), and you get an invitation to the launch PARTY! (it's in Melbourne). The party will be huge, Cathy Freeman will be there along with tasty snacks, drinks and about 150 people.

If you want to stay involved with us you can electe to become an ActNow Youth Ambassador (I'll tell you more about that later)

So, enough rambling from me. Start looking. Start commenting. Start becoming part of the ActNow community.

See you online!


ps. for more info on who we are and what we look like, check out the related content >>> over here and up a bit on the right

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~Sam~ 20-Apr-2006

Hey guys,

The site looks fantastic and the home keys across the top make it easy for users to navigate their way around the site. After overcoming the initial difficulties with loging in, and getting access to this comments section, everything else has been easy to follow and understand.

The only suggestion I have at this stage is in regards to the member profile: in selecting options such as indigenous issues, womens rights etc I was unsure whether we were supposed to select topics and organisations that we were involved in or wanted to be involved in etc. It was a little unclear so I just selected topic areas that I felt I would like to write up on in the future and organisations that I would like to consider becoming involved in.

Great work everyone and look forward to meeting most of you at the launch!



My passion is for people and the environment 15-Apr-2006

Well set out website/layout, that is easy to navigate.



Michelle 09-Apr-2006

hey folks

i looove the site! just a few quick comments...

design wise, it's fab! love the colours and layout. i'm a big fan of the 'featured' content section on the home page. the images are intriguing enough for you to roll your mouse over and the text gives you just enough info to want to click on them. the breadcrumb nav at the top is great too, so you know exactly where you've been - great feature on a new site you're still learning your way around.

Like Butterfly, I'm a bit confused by the RSS feed part! Definately needs some more explaination for the luddites like me!

the content is fantastic! really well written and researched. my only suggestion for improvement would be to include some more images to accompany articles and maybe include some more headings to break up the text. some pages look a tad text heavy at the moment.

awesome work!!




jono 09-Apr-2006

I really love the website. Everything seems to be well-organised and appropriately labelled. The various webpages load very quickly - which for me is important! I think if the site continues to be simple and clear, then we are definitely on track for a great launch! Fantastic work everyone :)



My passion is for people and the environment 09-Apr-2006

Ok, here is my thoughts so far. I like the my calendar feature on the profile page. I think it is a great idea to have house rules and a means to report others who break those rules. I still have trouble loading the beta site at times and get around the problems by clicking on a quicklink or link at the top of the page to see all the graphics etc. I have a suggestion to improve the new member login page under the date of birth section. You could show the format needed eg dd/mm/yyyy. I had only put in my last two digits of my date of birth and the computer thought I was under 16. If you added this idea, then it would avoid this problem happening to others. Why join Act Now, privacy and ActNow Terms of Use needed to be completed. The terms only need to have the link inserted under point 15. The people responsible for why join, privacy and terms of use may know these pages are incomplete, they maybe be unaware or later items on the agenda. Is the RSS link going to feature on the site? If so, I think it would be a great idea to have an additional piece of information on the what is RSS? page. The heading should say "Who this is relevant for? or Is this relevant to me?" and then go on to explain who that is and it would help people not to read on unless it affected them. Overall, I really like the site and layout of issues on the page. It is great you have a search option and quicklink option right at the top of the page. I also like that the page has the last updated details, so you know how current it is. I have often been frustrated by websites that contain information and no date of reference for their posting. Keep up the great work!!