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Issues I’m into: Mental health; Portrayal of young people by the media; Access to information ;

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Name: Ellen
I live: Tassie
I started this way back in high school and promptly forgot about it due to many personal issues. My statement and aim is still the same, I want to raise awareness and decrease stigma surrounding mental illness. I want to ActNow because I have seen and experienced way too much misery at the hands of mental illness.

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Holidays are not always relaxing... 14-01-2008 01:29

So! Christmas is over, new years is done with and it's a time to sit back, relax and enjoy the sunshine.

But are you relaxed?

Although it is proven that the weather (particulary the sunlight) affects your mood, and in the summer depression is at it's lowest, that doesnt mean that depression and stress doesnt occur.

Unlike us, mental illness doesnt take holidays.

So, what do you do?

Keep yourself occupied and involved!

  • join a summer program, club, gym etc
  • get a summer job or take on some extra shifts
  • try and see your friends as much as possible and organise random activities
  • keep in contact with your psychologist, therapist etc or use a help line whenever you need too.
  • keep taking your medication even if you fell better!!!!!!!!

It could help if you made a rough plan of your week making sure that you had an activity for everyday. if it lasts for an hour or a whole day doesnt matter!

Some things to remember when thinking about plans for the week

  • if you are tired, stressed etc then plan something that you enjoy and is moderately relaxing
  • if you have heaps of energy, then plan some sports or a session at the gym
  • try to include at least one time you can see your friend/friends a week
  • keep and eye on the local media and see if any oppurtunities and events arise

So have a fun and safe holidays!






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Christmas, a time of joy and a time of stress.... 20-12-2007 11:08

How many time's has your family got into an argument at christmas? How many time's do you wish that you could just have a good christmas without the fight's? How stressful do you find last minute christmas shopping, or christmas shopping at all? How stressful is your christmas???

Chances are, you like christmas, but sometime's you think it really sucks the big one and don't we all!? When you are pratically forced to meet up with relative's that you don't get on with, are so stressed you feel like getting rid of christmas once and for all, or just don't feel in the festive spirit but everyone else is, it's normal to want to strangle the nearest blow up santa!

So what can you do to ease the stress and have a relatively enjoyable christmas?

First of all remember it is only one day out of the year! And the pre christmas stress? Soon be forgotten come boxing day. 

Second, if you need to talk then do it. I know that you might feel like it will ruin someone's christmas but if it is ruining your christmas by not talking, that's just not good enough. If you cant talk to someone face to face, call a helpline.

Try to take some time out for your self. Go shopping for your christmas present to yourself! Read a book, watch a dvd, catch up with a friend etc.

Take one day, just one, to forget that it's christmas. Pretend it's your average day and just forget about it all. Stay away from the chrismas tree and the shops though!

Remember the true meaning of christmas. Go spend the day with a young child and sing carols and read stories, donate to a charity, go wish someone who you havent seen for ages a merry christmas, pretend your young again and go shake those presents under the tree! Go sit on santas knee! Steal a candy cane of the tree! Laugh! Be excited!

Remember it is ok to feel like crap. You can't feel great the whole time. Maybe you just need to spend half an hour where you act like a grinch or plot to burn down the tree or destroy christmas! Write, draw or whatever you want to do but get those plans out there and make sure you stomp around and say bah humbug! You can express yourself but you dont have to act on it!

And finally, if you have an mp3 player or something, plug it in and turn it up! Drown out the world! But not too long otherwise you could go deaf...


I wish everyone a very safe and merry christmas!!!!!

Happy holidays and take it easy!


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How to look after yourself, when looking after someone else with mental illness. 05-12-2007 04:17

A lot of people today are struggling with trying to help out a close relative or friend with mental illness, forgetting that they need to look after their mental health as well. Now I'm not saying that you should stop helping but just remember, you can't help someone if you can't help your self.

So here are some tips and tricks to help you out and in turn, everyone around you.

Have "me" time. You have most likely heard of this, but what is it? Me time is when you take time out for yourself and do something you want to do. Like read a book, watch a movie, listen to music, go for a walk etc. Me time is important for everyone and can help you relax and work out what's going on for you and what you need to do for your self.

Recognise when the person is "themselves". It is important to realise that the person is not always "themselves". They might say or do stuff that they wouldn’t normally do. They might get angry or upset at you for no real reason. Take it into account if this does happen, that it is not your fault.

If you need to talk about it THEN TALK! This is perhaps the most important one. But please take into account who you talk to, and what you say. And if possible, ask the person what you can say and if it is ok if you can talk about it to someone. But the best thing you can do is
  • talk to someone professional (a councillor etc)
  • join a support group for friends and carers of people with mental illness
  • Call a Helpline. They are not just for sufferers. They are confidential and free.
Lifeline- 13 11 14  
Kids help line- 1800 55 1800
Cheers, LN

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ARGH! But yay.. 05-12-2007 03:54


In an attempt to fix my blog, which for some reason doesn’t like me and is going haywire, I accidentally deleted one of my posts. Also, some of my posts won’t show themselves. GREAT.

In other news, I have had a reply from reachout and will be getting some stickers, posters, etc to promote reachout. Plus I have put in an order for some beyond blue promotional resources which should arrive in the next few weeks I hope.

Also I have had overwhelming support from friends, family, proffesionals in the area of mental illness, advocates and randoms! Thank you to everyone!

Cheers, LN

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Just a few sites/sources that are pretty useful. 05-12-2007 03:53

Right. i have already written this but I deleted it. So here I go again...

Here are some sites/sources that you can check out for more info or to seek help. - A brilliant website that should be checked out by everyone. Also actnows "sister" site. -The foundation at the forefront of raising awareness for depression. Useful info and links. Also check out the youth part of beyond blue- -A myspace devoted to erasing stigma surrounding mental illness. Facts of the day, interviews, info, links etc. Show your support and add them to your friends. - Info about kids help line, statistics, and confidential web and email based conselling. -A very insightful story for those finding it hard to understand why people get depressed with no obvious trigger. -Support for teens with depression. Very good forum that helped me through a tough time. Moderated and supportive.

So check them out and recomend tham to anyone you think might benefit.

Cheers, LN

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helloooooo and welcome. 26-11-2007 02:18

I thought I would start simple and put down three ways YOU can act now.

1. Don't ignore it. Mental illness is a common and widespread health issue and is as important and debilitating as any physical health issue. It does exist and it could happen to you or anyone you know.

2.  Seek help and encourage others to seek help. If you think you, or anyone you know has a mental illness please seek help or encourage them to seek help. Don't just sit there and expect it to go away. And sure it's scary at first, but it's the best thing you could ever do. It was certaintly the best thing I have ever done.

3. If some ever opens up and confides in you that they have a mental illness feel EXTREMELY lucky. Opening up about it is one of the hardest things, due mainly to stigma surrounding mental illness. So if someone confides in you, show your support and listen and be there for them. They must value you a LOT.

Finally I would just like to take the time to remind people that I am not a mental health professional, just a concerned 15 year old wanting to make a difference. If you need to talk to someone or feel in danger DO NOT hesitate to call;

Kids help line- 1800 55 1800      or

Lifeline-  13 11 14

Cheers and stay safe.

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